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Former New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleason should have been inducted into Saints Hall of Fame

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The announcement came today that New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson and former running back Deuce McAllister would be inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame in September this year.  Yet, one more name should have been called.

Former Saints safety Steve Gleason’s name was also called today but not for an induction.  Instead, he will be presented into the Saints Hall of Fame in a different way.

Gleason’s name will be used to name a wing for a gallery in the Saints Hall of Fame later on.  While this is still an honor, Gleason should still have been inducted along with Benson and McAllister.

Benson is credited with reviving and ultimately saving the franchise from certain demise and eventual relocation especially after the devastation by Hurricane Katrina.

Following the destruction of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, many thought the franchise was headed to Texas after rumors began circulating.  But Benson stuck by his Saints and the rest is history.

Likewise, McAllister became a household name with fans before the much profiled arrival of running back Reggie Bush.  McAllister was one of the few bright spots on the Saints offensive roster during his playing time.