New Orleans Saints could go after two veterans for nickel cornerback position

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In the much anticipated press conference Monday from New Orleans Saints assistant head coach Joe Vitt, defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr., and special teams coordinator Greg McMahon, one thing was mentioned that they are still looking for is a player for the nickel cornerback position.

The Saints may have thought it would have been easier to snag a cornerback in free agency after Tracy Porter left for the Denver Broncos.  However, the team hasn’t had much success lately.

Cornerbacks that the Saints have been or should have been interested in have either re-signed with their original team or signed with another.  Drayton Florence was the latest one they could have gone after but he signed with the Broncos.

The Saints have Patrick Robinson and Jabari Greer as starters with Johnny Patrick backing them up as the third corner.  While the solution seems to be Patrick, the issue is always “what if” there is an injury to any three.

Currently, the remaining cornerbacks on the roster are either rookies or players with limited experience that would be a bit iffy to throw into the fire during the season if someone was to go down because of an injury.

Free agent cornerback Justin King has been brought up because he played under Spagnuolo with the St. Louis Rams.  Yet, King just isn’t that outstanding and if Spagnuolo really wanted him, he would have been signed already.