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Are the New Orleans Saints done with free agency for now?

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If Johnson’s name doesn’t sound familiar then you’re not alone.  After being a seventh round pick for the Rams in 2010, he only has played in 5 games with seven tackles and 3 passes defended in his career.

The Saints are finishing up with rookie mini-camp this weekend and may wait until the dust settles from that to deal with any other needs for the team.

As always, the standoff between the team and quarterback Drew Brees, or more accurately his agent Tom Condon, takes center stage especially with the fans.

The rumored catch point with that deal is said to be a difference of $4-$5 million.  While the fans may want Brees signed quickly general manager Mickey Loomis feels a bit otherwise.

Loomis is tasked with making sure the team can fill the current needs and not sacrificing all for just one.  While people may disagree, I sympathise with his predicament to as he has said, putting a value on someone who is beyond a value.