Are the New Orleans Saints done with free agency for now?

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Not much has been announced as far as big signings for the New Orleans Saints since linebackers Curtis Lofton and David Hawthorne came to the team.  There are a few more areas the Saints could add to, but are they done for now?

Well, if you want to call it a big signing, the Saints did add defensive tackle Remi Ayodele to their roster recently.  But Ayodele was with the Saints previously so while it’s good he’s back, it’s not a “new”, new free agency dazzler.

Two areas the Saints could try to improve in still is at defensive end and at cornerback.  Not many good options remain in free agency for either position and wouldn’t yield anything other than a rotational player.

Defensive end Andre Carter is still available for the taking, but questions remain about his quadricep injury that landed him on injured reserve last season and if he would still be fully healed and able to contribute.

Cornerback is the most depleted area of free agency.  Drayton Florence was released by the Buffalo Bills recently and I thought the Saints may try to sign him.  However, the Denver Broncos wasted no time and signed him instead.

The Saints actually did sign a free agent cornerback a few days ago.  Former St. Louis Rams cornerback Marquis Johnson was picked up after being released by the Rams a week earlier.