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New Orleans Saints and NFL: Top News and Video Clips


"Talks have been practically non-existent now for more than a month. Clearly, both sides have decided to wait the other out, hoping the other will budge first. As we’ve mentioned several times, the first real “deadline” that could spur some action is the start of organized team activities (OTAs) on May 22. However, it’s unclear which side will feel more pressure as that date nears. The Saints will want Brees on the field when they begin their first real on-field activities, especially since they’ll be installing their offense without Coach Sean Payton present."

"Simmons, who started his football career just three years earlier after not playing a single down in middle or high school, was signed by the Saints as a rookie free agent a couple of hours following the draft’s final round on April 28. The Saints rookie camp opens Friday. Despite not even getting an invite for the NFL scouting combine, Simmons, 25, intrigued several teams because of his frame (6-foot-7, 308 pounds) and athleticism."

"Fans constantly debate Flacco’s merits, but players clearly respect the Ravens QB I love how this list is so fluid from year to year. Reputation plays a part in all voting, but from the list presented, I see some “What have you done for me lately?” with Nnamdi Asomugha down at 79. I also see some respect earned with Jordy Nelson at 80 and Derrick Johnson at 78. Meanwhile, there’s instant admiration for last year’s rookie sensation A.J. Green at 77."

"Asked about the addition of Tim Tebow to an already personality-heavy New York Jets team, Dustin Keller summed it up appropriately: “For one, he brings more media into the locker room — as if that’s possible,” Keller told the New York Post on Thursday. The tight end called it “an honor” to answer repeated questions about perhaps the most panted-over backup quarterback of all time."