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Thoughts on the 2012 New Orleans Saints Draft

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This year was expected to be slim pickins in the draft for the New Orleans Saints, but by the looks of it, they might have found some hidden gems.

The Saints did not have a pick until the third round, making it hard for any fan to watch every other team stock their rosters while the Saints twiddle their thumbs until selecting Akiem Hicks from the University of Regina.

Hicks looks like a beast from what I have seen in the limited amount of film on him.  And the guy is 6′ 5″ 318 lbs. with a good coaching staff to mold him into the best player he can be, I’m hoping to see Hicks do some damage to opposing quarterbacks this season.

In the fourth round the Saints took Nick Toon, wide receiver from Wisconsin.  He comes in at 6′ 2″ 215 lbs with striking similarities to Marques Colston.  Looking at film of him, he seems to get the tough first downs while taking a lot of contact in the process.

He looks like he can be a good possession receiver.  The Saints recently hired a new wide receivers coach Henry Ellard from Loyola, so his progress should be interesting.

Corey White from Samford was next, this strong safety looks to be very quick and has a tendency to look back for the ball while in coverage.  We desperately need him to help out in the secondary if they decide to keep him at cornerback or move him to safety.