Jonathan Vilma suspension could actually benefit the New Orleans Saints and himself

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New Orleans Saints fans rallied in support of linebacker Jonathan Vilma who was suspended immediately for the entire upcoming season.  As harsh as it is, his suspension could actually help the Saints and himself in more ways than one.

Surely Vilma fans have angrily clicked on to read the rest of the story to see what heartless things are said in this article about him.  Take a breath and just continue.

Anyone can see the contributions that Vilma has had for this team and the leadership he has bestowed upon the franchise.  Let’s face it, he was one of the big reasons that the Saints made it to Super Bowl XLIV and won.

If you review the game footage, Vilma actually checked out of the defensive play that was originally called into another that helped setup former Saints cornerback Tracy Porter’s game-winning interception for a touchdown.

Without question he has been the quarterback of the defense for the past four years since his arrival.  But even the most devoted Vilma supporter has to put emotion aside and look to the team.

As cruel and business-like as this may seem or sound, the suspension that was handed down to Vilma for the upcoming season could actually help the Saints and maybe even himself.