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New Orleans Saints Vilma, Smith asks everyone to “hold judgement”; Hargrove confessed

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Smith released this following statement in regards to the ruling:

"“I am disappointed the NFL has punished me with a four game suspension,” Smith said.  “I have never in my career, nor as a Captain asked others, to intentionally target and hurt specific opposing players.  I was in no way involved in establishing or assisting Gregg Williams with implementing a bounty program.  The accusations made against me are completely and one-hundred percent false, and I plan to appeal the decision along with the help of the NFL Players Association."

Just like Vilma, Smith also stated that the Commissioner has not met with him nor has he seen any of the alleged evidence against him in the investigation before or after the rulings against them.

Both players appear to want to appeal the case although some don’t think that there will be much of a chance if Goodell hears them both, much like he did with head coach Sean Payton, assistant head coach Joe Vitt, and general manager Mickey Loomis.

Of course, the players aren’t the only ones looking for evidence.  Saints fans are also wanting to see the alleged evidence against Vilma and Smith which unfortunately may never be made public.