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New Orleans Saints Vilma, Smith asks everyone to “hold judgement”; Hargrove confessed

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New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma has been suspended for the entire upcoming season effective immediately for his alleged role in a “bounty” program the team had.  But he’s asking for the public to hold their opinions for now.

Vilma has received much support from Saints fans themselves as well as other players in the NFL.  But Vilma still felt the need to clear the air a bit earlier by this tweet:

"@JonVilma51:  Adversity reveals character…when the dust settles, I hope the only thing left is the truth…hold judgement until then"

He released a statement following the announcement of the suspensions denying any involvement in any such program and saying that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has refused to share the alleged evidence in the case.

Vilma also said that Goodell has not met with him in regards to the investigation or the suspensions.  Up until today Vilma thought he would receive an eight game suspension at the most.

Along with Vilma, the Saints will be missing the services of defensive end Will Smith who will be suspended for four games.  Smith also denies any involvement in a “bounty” program.