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New Orleans Saints “Bounty” investigator resigned to take another job


In a report that happened just recently(click here), reports are that head investigator Joe Hummel of the “Bounty” scandal hasn’t resigned because of anything to do with the case.

NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello stated that Hummel is simply leaving to take on another job elsewhere stating that it’s a “major company” and Hummel will be accept a “senior security position” there.

Hummel, who is a former F.B.I. agent, has been the lead investigator on the case involving the New Orleans Saints and will depart the employment of the NFL in June.  The company has been holding the position for him until then.

Aiello also said that, “It’s a big career opportunity for Joe and has no bearing whatsoever on the Saints matter.”  Of course this still won’t be readily accepted by Saints fans.

Saints followers have been eagerly awaiting any news on the punishments that could be handed down to the players on the team.  Linebacker Jonathan Vilma is expected to receive the harshest penalty with a possible high eight game suspension.