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Head investigator of New Orleans Saints “Bounty” scandal resigns

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With the punishments for New Orleans Saints players expected this week in the “pay for performance” investigation, the supposed “complete” investigation takes a turn that is very shocking.

ProFootballTalk.com is reporting that NFL director of investigations Joe Hummel has turned in his letter of resignation.  The report said that this was done on Friday.

Hummel was in charge of the investigation against the Saints for their alleged role in a “pay for performance”, or the more popular term “bounty”, program for the last three seasons.

The penalties for the players was expected for weeks now but there has been an unexplained delay.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would only say the last several weeks that the punishments were coming “soon”.

Now that the NFL Draft was over, it goes without saying that the penalties would come this week.  However, this news of Hummel’s resignation brings a new life to the story and to Who Dat Nation conspiracy theories.

His resignation comes at an awkward time and could mean one of two things right now.  Either Hummel was forced to resign or he resigned do to some form of dissatisfaction.