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New Orleans Saints will choose best player available in third round

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For months people have been speculating and doing mock drafts in regards to what direction the New Orleans Saints will go with their third round pick tonight.  The club has made it clear though what they’ll do.

In a recent poll on the site, we actually asked that very question as to who the Saints should draft in the third round.  An overwhelming number think the Saints should draft a secondary player, more specifically a cornerback.

Defensive lineman came in at a strong second, with tight end and linebacker following.  Make no mistake, the Saints strategy will be very clear, take the best player available at that time that’s on the board.

Fans in the NFL fancy themselves the honorary general manager of the team and have their idea of what their team should do in the draft and free agency.  But teams take a different approach.

Instead of reaching for a lost cause or just settling for a pick, some teams will trade back down in order to not only gain more picks but also try to get the next best available player.

This is something Saints general manager Mickey Loomis has actually suggested that the team could do during the course of the draft since they are without their second round pick which was stripped because of the “Bounty” investigation.