NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell imposes his will again with draft day demands

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Many thought that Goodell would issue the punishments at least by this past Monday, but no such luck.  He has stated before about evidence and acted as if the investigation is a done deal.

But just yesterday Goodell was asked about when the punishments will be announced and he said that they are still looking at the evidence.  Evidence that Saints quarterback Drew Brees said he has yet to see when he visited Goodell recently.

Goodell showed his muscles again this week when he issued orders to networks like ESPN and NFL Network who cover the NFL Draft as well as all 32 teams.

He has told the networks to not show shots of the draftee’s in the draft green room that could possibly give away that they are about to be picked.

We all know what he means here.  A team is placed on the clock and the camera shows a draftee answering a phone in tears and his family clapping before Goodell even gets the announcement card from the team’s runner.