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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell imposes his will again with draft day demands

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When the new stadium deal for the Minnesota Vikings recently caught a hitch because of political red tape, Goodell hopped on a plane and flew over to speed the process up.

Not that anyone asked mind you, it’s just something that Goodell felt compelled to do in order to do what’s best for the future of the Vikings and the NFL.

Which brings it back to the Saints.  Goodell has promised for three weeks that punishments were going to be dealt “soon” to the players involved in the “pay for performance” investigation.

Reporters have been camped out at the Saints facility at Airline Drive figuring that Goodell’s “soon” was like everybody else’s.  Yet Goodell was ironing out the Vikings stadium deal and other matters instead.

This puts the Saints in a small bind since they need to start preparations to see which players they will have and who they won’t.  They also need to see if this could effect their draft needs starting Friday.