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New Orleans Saints need more players to help with salary cap number

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Wide receiver Devery Henderson–  also set to be a free agent next year, Henderson is due $2.65 million this year.  While he’s not Marques Colston, Henderson accepts his role in the offense and is fairly reliable.

Restructuring wouldn’t do much here so the Saints would be safe in offering Henderson a contract extension.  If one was offered, it would only be likely for 2-3 years.

Safety Roman Harper–  Harper just received a nice contract last year and is due to make $4.5 million this year.  Of course so did wide receiver Lance Moore and he just recently restructured his.

Harper is also targeted for a possible suspension in the “pay for performance” investigation.  Two others that could be suspended, defensive end Will Smith and Vilma, also did a restructure so Harper could be in line for one as well.

Two other restructures that could happen but are least likely are running backs Pierre Thomas and Darren Sproles.  Thomas is due $2.16 million and Sproles $3.5 million for this year.