New Orleans Saints need more players to help with salary cap number

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Looking at the sports website which shows current players contracts, there are some possibilities that are likely to happen just from a numbers standpoint.

Defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis–  Ellis is in the last year of his contract and is due to make $5.816 million this year.  Ellis hasn’t been the greatest the last couple of seasons, at least not for what he is getting paid.

The Saints need to ask Ellis to restructure his contract or if they feel like he is worth it to do an extension.  Frankly, Ellis isn’t that much of a dominant force and the Saints should just go for a restructure.

Offensive tackle Jermon Bushrod–  Bushrod will be a free agent next year and is due to make $3.25 million this year.  Bushrod is a part of the dominant offensive line the Saints have held.

The Saints would do well to lock Bushrod in for the next several years and offer him a contract extension like Greer.  They could try to restructure but it may not save that much.