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Atlanta Falcons wisely decline HBO’s “Hard Knocks”; Jets or 49ers next in line?

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The Atlanta Falcons have announced that they will not appear on HBO’s series “Hard Knocks” this upcoming fall.  Could teams like the New York Jets or San Francisco 49ers be offered the deal instead?

The Falcons made a very smart move by saying no to “Hard Knocks” because frankly they just don’t need the distraction.  The team took a nosedive last season after almost going to the Super Bowl last year and need to focus.

“Hard Knocks” is very invasive as far as access goes and I’m sure that while it would be entertaining, the administration wants to see the club bounce back instead of take another step back.

With as competitive as the NFC South is, the Falcons want to focus all their energy on installing gameplans instead of cameras.  The New Orleans Saints have been offered “Hard Knocks” several times in the past but also declined.

The Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars have been mentioned as possible teams that could appear on the show.  Jets owner Woody Johnson has expressed his desire to do the show again but he could some opposition.

Mainly from head coach Rex Ryan who has commented that he would rather not for obvious reasons besides privacy.  Ryan, not the team, became the focus of the show when they appeared on it in 2010.