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New Orleans Saints Player Spotlight: running back Mark Ingram

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While we all know how Sproles did in 2011, Ingram didn’t do so shabby himself accruing 474 rushing yards and five touchdowns before being hampered with a toe injury.

Now I know five touchdowns doesn’t blow your mind, but that’s the same amount that Pierre Thomas rushed for, and three more than Sproles did in 2011, so you know he was getting a good percentage of  the carries.

This was Ingram’s first year in the league and Sean Payton already thought he was good enough to start contributing right away.

But when he would get the ball, most times he would look slower than everyone else, and I chalk that up to him adjusting to the incredibly competitive pace of the NFL.

And at other times, like during the Saints first match up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Detroit Lions, and New York Giants, Ingram showed flashes of brilliance cutting by defenders, or just running past them.