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New Orleans Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt will have rough return in season

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Vitt will have to be in full gear upon his return because the Saints will travel to face the Denver Broncos and their new quarterback Peyton Manning.

If the bye week had been scheduled a week later, this would give Vitt the time to come in and game-plan a little more instead of having to jump back in head first.

Now if it was anybody other than Peyton Manning, then the Saints may not need to sweat it so much.  But neck surgery or no, it’s still Peyton Manning.  Better yet, it’s Peyton Manning wanting to prove he can still play with a chip on his shoulder.

Surely the Saints are trying to account for all of the intangibles during the offseason right now, but Week 8 in the NFL will be a long way off for Vitt.

Though it isn’t official yet, much speculation is that offensive line coach Aaron Kromer will guide the Saints as “interim” interim head coach for the first seven weeks until Vitt’s return.