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Sean Pamphilon’s motives becoming clearer; “journalism chess”

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Just don’t disagree with Silver because he will say that you’re being nonobjective and then he will respond with a “now you are blocked.”  Pot calling the kettle black, but maybe I’m just being too objective.

Pamphilon has played a good chess game and is now trying to put Goodell in his version of checkmate with these “real questions” that wouldn’t surprise me if it ended up in Pamphilon’s film.  Shocker.

Both Silver and Pamphilon insist that people are missing the point and losing focus over the reason and motives behind the release of the tapes.  But in the end, who’s fault is that?  You decide.

In wanting to be seen as a Mike Wallace-style journalist finding the truth, is Pamphilon becoming more like Michael Moore of “Roger & Me” fame, using ambush interview tactics and methods mixed with his version of “the truth?”  You decide.