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Sean Pamphilon’s motives becoming clearer; “journalism chess”

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Now it’s understood that doing the right thing is not the issue, but Pamphilon should just give up the whole “one man against the system” banner he is flying because holes are beginning to appear now such as these:

  • Silver is actually featured in Pamphilon’s yet finished documentary, “The United States of Football”.  They are both actually very good friends and Silver defends Pamphilon’s motives to the hilt at every turn.  Objective journalist? You decide.
  • Pamphilon said that if the bounty scandal hadn’t gone public, then he never would have released the tapes.  So if this hadn’t been made public, then he’s insinuating he would have remained silent.  Make sense?  You decide.
  • Pamphilon, using Silver and Silver’s twitter account, claims that the NFL now wants copies of the “Williams tapes”, yet ESPN’s Chris Mortensen says that the NFL already knew about them because Williams already told them about the content of the tapes.
  • Pamphilon now wants NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to answer the “real questions”, as he put it.  Translation, Pamphilon wants to interview Goodell face-to-face.

What Pamphilon has done is becoming quite clear and you can call me a homer or unobjective just because I cover the Saints, just don’t play the “greater good” card with me.  What Pamphilon has done is played “journalism chess”.