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Sean Pamphilon’s motives becoming clearer; “journalism chess”

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Filmmaker Sean Pamphilon created a Watergate atmosphere when he released the Gregg Williams tapes.  At the time he said he was doing what he thought was right and not for publicity or money, but recent events may suggest otherwise.

Pamphilon has crusaded ever since he released the tapes of former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams pre-game speech as just wanting to reveal the truth and to show the public what happens behind the curtain in the NFL.

Wanting to be objective and not seem like the ranting blogger, I actually tweeted Yahoo! Sports writer Mike Silver who Pamphilon contacted to “break” the story on the tapes.

I had asked Silver what Pamphilon’s reasons were for waiting so long to release the tape and why.  Silver simply responded that Pamphilon had his reasons and that they would bore me.

I told him I really wanted to know, but Silver never gave me an answer.  I also tried contacting Pamphilon by Twitter but never received a response on the timing and motives of releasing the tapes.

As stated before, I’m a big believer in doing what is morally right.  Yet, waiting almost three months to do it is obviously going to raise these types of questions.