Possible bad news for San Francisco 49ers fans with code of conduct test

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This past week the NFL decided to go a step further in ensuring safety during an NFL game by requiring ejected fans to take a “Code of conduct” test before returning.  It requires the fan offenders to go online and take a personality test that takes four hours, and costs $75.  I immediately thought of fans in San Francisco when I saw this.

Last year during a regular season game against their rival Oakland Raiders, fans not only got into fistfights in the stands, they were shooting each other in the parking lot.

I’m sure everyone remembers the article from NFL.com title, “You Idiots” with a picture of Raider, and 49er fans duking it out in the stands.

Another thing that came to mind when seeing this was an article I read after the Saints and 49er’s playoff game. It was about a man from New Orleans, who was now living in San Francisco with his two young daughters.

Since they were all such big Saints fans, he decided to buck up and take his daughters to see the game.

What a mistake that was. He explained how they were harassed almost immediately in the parking lot. Grown men were throwing empty beers at them, and dropping the F-bomb like it was a new, polite way to greet someone.

This was expected though and he thought for sure once inside the stadium, it would be a little more tame.