Would free agent cornerback Andre Goodman fit the New Orleans Saints?

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Last week they also hosted Tampa Bay Buccaneers free agent cornerback Elbert Mack, but no word on any progress has been given on if they’ll sign him.

Goodman would be a really good pickup for the Saints for several reasons.  The first is, he is a veteran who could step in and make a decent showing with the team.

Also with Goodman’s age at thirty-three, he’s likely willing to sign a one or two-year deal at a reasonable price.  Nobody would really want to sign someone his age to a muti-year contract.

His production can’t be scoffed at either.  For his 10-year career Goodman has 342 tackles, 90 passes defended, one sack, 3 forced fumbles, and 19 interceptions.  Last year he had 49 tackles and two interceptions.

Goodman would surely be someone that the Saints should look at.  It’s unclear if Greer is implicated in the recent “pay for performance” investigation.  If so, then he could face a possible suspension for a few games leaving the Saints even thinner at the cornerback position.