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New Orleans Saints salary cap makes Brees contract very tricky; what’s the reason?

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If the Saints were to sign a corner like Mack at a low price, that still would pull from the already low salary cap number.  Which once that is done, several more domino’s will need to fall.

One reason the Saints are lagging behind is that they are waiting on the NFL to rule on possible player suspensions.  If any player is suspended, their salary is voided for the length of their suspension.

One that seems to be a given is linebacker Jonathan Vilma who so far has been the only named player in the “pay for performance” investigation, but others could come.

A decision is expected on that by the end of the week if not Monday.  It seems more logical for it to come this week since offseason workouts begin on Monday, but timely decisions aren’t always “timely”.

The Saints can also begin to release players to clear up salary cap space, but that will be a last ditch move.  Yet some more players may be asked to restructure their salary to do the same.