New Orleans Saints salary cap makes Brees contract very tricky; what’s the reason?

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This is making the whole long-term contract a little hard since the consensus is that Brees is wanting around $23 million per year for either 5 or 6 years.

Just doing basic math, the 5 year would be for $115 million total and the 6 year would be for $138 million.  The $115 millon deal would make him the highest paid quarterback in the NFL.

Which by the way, this is probably where the rampant rumor a few weeks ago got started about that Brees was going to sign.  Those flew all over Twitter and was re-tweeted by desperate fans looking for a lifesaver amid the flood of bad news.

Another thing that makes the contract even more tricky is that the Saints are needing to make a small move to fill the role at cornerback vacated by Tracy Porter.

The Saints need to find a suitable backup up cornerback just in case of injuries since Johnny Patrick is the only one listed for that at left and right corner positions.  Free agent cornerback Elbert Mack  is scheduled for a visit with the Saints this week.