New Orleans Saints salary cap makes Brees contract very tricky; what’s the reason?

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New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees said that he and the club continue to work toward a long-term deal for him.  With the Saints current salary cap number, it’s not helping any.

Now apparently, Mickey Loomis is comparable to Rumpelstiltskin and spin straw into gold.  He is credited with making some very surprising but welcome moves in free agency especially to the Saints linebacker position.

But with offseason workouts coming up on Monday, the sense coming from Brees is that if a new contract isn’t worked out between now and then, he won’t be present at them.

Of course Brees will need to sign his franchise tag tender in order to do so anyway but that’s unlikely since he was injured when he was franchised with the San Diego Chargers in a similar situation.

The Saints salary cap is one of the lowest in the league right now at $519,692.  The only lower ones are the Carolina Panthers at $443,978 and the Arizona Cardinals at $8,795.

Currently the franchise tag amount for Brees is at $14.4 million which is figured into the current cap number.  Translation, put it back in the pot and you have a little over $14.9 million.