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Joe Vitt as New Orleans Saints interim head coach; will Kromer be his?

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New Orleans Saints assistant coach Joe Vitt was officially named the interim head coach today and will take over when Sean Payton begins his suspension.  But the question is, who will take over for Vitt when he serves his six game suspension?

ESPN’s  Adam Schefter seems to think that it will be offensive line coach Aaron Kromer who fills in for Vitt during the first part of the season.  But the thought has to be if this is the right choice.

In a recent article, I placed the charge that it will be a group effort for the entire staff to band together in order to maintain the stable environment that has been in place since the 2006 season.

This is probably what truly worried most Saints fans after years of uncertainty that made the Saints look like the Bad News Bears of the NFL for most of their existence.

If Kromer were to fill in, then it makes sense because Pete Carmichael Jr. needs to focus on the offense and Steve Spagnuolo will need to focus on defense.

Not saying Kromer isn’t an important cog in the wheel, but he should be able to handle the duties of head coach for six games while also taking care of the offensive line, especially with help from the entire staff.