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“Bounty Scandal”: An Exercise In Coordinated Divisiveness

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At that point the entire process the Saints fans have endured became crystal clear. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the NFL wanted the results that they got, and why.

The term “cover your ass” has been used in the media numerous times to define the Saints efforts to control the damage caused by the scandal, yet that’s exactly why the NFL played the soap opera out in the way they did.

There are hundreds of players lawsuits pending against the NFL as we go about our business today, and the NFL has begun laying the foundation for their defense in the media, with the Saints as the sacrificial lambs.

Among the results of the NFL campaign are the fans of 31 teams lined up to hand a beating to the Saints fans in every conceivable form of social media, including the chat rooms of NFL.com, in Twitter, Facebook and the like.

The NFL has even been able to get Saints fans fighting amongst themselves as evidenced in the comments at Nola.com below articles on the subject.

Congratulations Roger, your experiment was a success.

(By the way, I apologize for the picture I used, certainly none of us wanted to see Roger Goodell’s ugly mug today. When I pulled the first 100 pic results from US Presswire wanting merely the NFL logo, there was only one poor example, LOL.)