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“Bounty Scandal”: An Exercise In Coordinated Divisiveness

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An overlooked implication of the entire media storm that has gone on unabated is that it was a controlled experiment by the NFL.

A great deal of effort and planning was obvious in the carefully orchestrated leaks to the media that preceded the first official NFL release on the story.

This morning while gathering my thoughts a single word occurred to me: divisive

As always when this happens I went straight to the dictionary to get a better look at the word, and realized just how apt it was for this situation.

From TheFreeDictionary.com:

"di·vi·sive adj. …Creating dissension or discord."

I went a bit farther to find out how the word would be explained to people unfamiliar with the English language and found this:

From Mirriam Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary:

"di·vi·sive dəˈvaɪsɪv/ adjective …”Causing a lot of disagreement between people and causing them to separate into different groups”"