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Coaching the New Orleans Saints this upcoming season will be a group effort

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Kromer will have to acclimate new guard Ben Grubbs to the line and make sure he’s up to speed.  Grubbs is a Pro Bowler, but come on, do you really want to take a chance that Kromer isn’t fully focused on this?

In the end, it will be a full on group effort by everyone of the coaches to split the responsibilities and pitch in.  That way no one person is tilting over from the workload.

Players, like Brees will also be involved in helping out.  The players usually have the pulse of the team and will be that extra bit of motivation and leadership that is needed at the end of the day.

It doesn’t matter who is technically named the interim head coach on Monday or first game of the season or any other day , coaches and players will need to band together in order for the team to have success in the season.