Coaching the New Orleans Saints this upcoming season will be a group effort

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It was okay last year because Payton was able to communicate with Carmichael, Vitt, Brees, and others by meetings and from the upstairs coaches box.

This year though, Payton won’t be available by any means because of the terms of his suspension.  Even for six games that could be a big burden on anyone.

Spagnuolo doesn’t want the position really and he can’t be blamed.  Yes, he was a head coach for three seasons, but not a truly successful one.  Plus, he needs to be able to implement his new defense and focus on that, which is understandable.

After the last few seasons of having an alleged “bend but don’t break” defense, I don’t think you’re going to find someone, especially a Saints fan, that will want Spagnuolo to focus on anything but the defense.

With Kromer, he has no head coaching experience, but it’s not just that.  Kromer will also have his hands full making sure when quarterback Drew Brees signs his new contract, he has a capable line to protect him.