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New Orleans Saints fans want off of the emotional roller coaster

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Goodell suspended Payton for a year, Loomis for eight games, and Vitt for six games.  On top of this, the team lost a second-round 2012 draft pick as well as a second-rounder in 2013.

Since the Saints were already minus a first-round pick this year, this put the Saints not choosing until the third round at pick 89.  With Payton gone for a year and Vitt gone for six games, Payton reportedly reached out to his mentor Bill Parcells.

Parcells was retired from coaching but his “will he or won’t he coach the Saints” has become it’s own amusement park ride.  He has said if Payton did outright ask him, then he would feel “obligated” to do it, which remains to be seen.

The Saints sparked some positive vibes with the news that Payton and the others would appeal their suspensions, if only just to buy some time.  Also the Saints added two more good free agent linebackers David Hawthorne and Chris Chamberlain.

Then on April 4th, filmmaker Sean Pamphilon released a secret audio tape he had recorded in a pre-game speech given by former defensive coordiantor Williams where at one point targeted specific players and injuries to those players.