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New Orleans Saints fans want off of the emotional roller coaster

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What made the loss so heart wrenching was that the Saints had come back from two scoreless quarters to take the lead with two minutes left.  A last minute touchdown by 49ers tight end Vernon Davis sealed the deal.

A nice consultation prize was that defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was on his way out and defensive guru Steve Spagnuolo was hired to replace him and Williams’ blitz crazy schemes.

Fans once again steeled themselves for the long ride of another offseason of missed opportunities and looming contract negotiations with free agents Brees, guard Carl Nicks, and wide receiver Marques Colston, all with a limited salary cap.

But before that could happen, Who Dats were blindsided by an announcement on March 2 by the NFL that between 22-27 players for the New Orleans Saints had been involved in a “pay for performance” system from 2009-2011.

The ride took a huge plunge as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that the Saints had attempted a cover-up and punishments would be handed down.  In a little over a week free agency would begin with some more loop-da-loops.