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Appeals decision for New Orleans Saints could be announced today; Vitt has best chance

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An answer to the appeals for those involved in the New Orleans Saints “pay for performance” investigation could be heard today.  Of anyone, assistant head coach/linebackers coach Joe Vitt has the best chance of any change in his suspensions.

Saints fans would probably be overjoyed if head coach Sean Payton had his reduced by even just a few games  but it’s highly unlikely.  Payton will begin serving out the length of his suspension as soon as the announcement is made.

General manager Mickey Loomis, like Vitt, will serve his suspension just for games and not when the announcement is made.  Loomis will serve an eight game suspension if things don’t change.

Vitt is set to serve six games and of anyone, he could have the best chance of getting his suspension reduced.  On the downside, that chance is very slim if anything.

If Vitt’s suspension is reduced it will likely be for two games, knocking his time away to just a quarter of the season.  He has a few things that could work in his favor.

He has been very vocal and the “face” of the appeals so far.  Vitt issued a statement to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and to the media as to why he was appealing his suspension.