New Orleans Saints need options at cornerback position

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The Saints could also stay with what they have on their own roster as well.  The starters in play right now are Patrick Robinson and Jabari Greer.  After that, the only backup for sure is second year rookie Johnny Patrick.

Leigh Torrence is technically a free agent but still listed on the Saints roster.  The Saints haven’t pursued him heavily with a contract, but he could be signed if they get into a pinch.

The Saints also have the roster littered with some small pickups from the end of the season, but most likely it’ll be a surprise if they are nothing more than a camp body.

The draft is a final option for the Saints to replenish the position.  If they still had their second round pick, that could be plausible.  But because the Saints were stripped of that pick this year and no first round pick, it’s unlikely.

Hopefully the Saints scouting department has done their homework and could bring in a good undrafted free agent.  If not, it’ll be interesting to see how the Saints will fill the small void before the season begins.