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Former Gregg Williams players say speech was to get them in “right mind-frame”

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He also spoke about testing 49ers wide receiver Kyle Williams concussion and running back Frank Gore’s head.  The second player interviewed gave this take:

"It’s more along the lines of:  “Tom Brady has sore ribs, so let’s test him out.  Let’s test out his ribs”.  You’re just trying to win the game.  It’s a business and we want to attack our competing business’ weakness."

While NFL players are coming out against these ideas, one player says it happens on every NFL team.  Former New York Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce was recently on ESPN and elaborated further.

Pierce spoke of his time with the Washington Redskins in 2004 when Williams was the defensive coordinator there.  He said Williams used that type of talk all the time to motivate the players.

Although Pierce said that he didn’t agree with targeting certain body parts of players, he did say that if he had the opportunity to play for Williams again that he would.