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Former Gregg Williams players say speech was to get them in “right mind-frame”

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The audio heard in the pre-game speech given by former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is pretty shocking to listeners.  Yet his former players, two who played with the New Orleans Saints, claim it’s a tactic to get the “right mind-frame” before a game.

In an interview with Brett Martel of the Associated Press, these two players played with the New Orleans Saints during the time the NFL said the club participated in a “pay for performance” system.

Both players asked to remain anonymous for the interview since the 22-27 players that are named in the investigation haven’t been disciplined by the league yet.

One player said that the words used weren’t to be taken literal.  The player also said:

"Players generally understand and respect the bounds of the game.  But it takes a lot of passion to play football, and the tough talk was more about getting players in the right mind-frame to go out and do their job."

Williams can be heard in the audio dance along the lines of a fiery, motivation speech.  But then it took an extreme left when he talks about taking out San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree’s ACL.

The statement was shocking because offensive and defensive players alike say that it’s an unwritten rule that you do not target a player’s knees on purpose, especially to specifically injure their ACL.