NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp facing more legal woes


NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp has had his share of legal woes, both criminal and civil.  According to a report by, he’s going to face his biggest yet.

Sapp was recently in the news because he had named NFL tight end Jeremy Shockey as the informant in the “pay for performance” scandal that the New Orleans Saints were allegedly involved in.

Shockey had discussed sueing Sapp for possible defamation and Sapp was also reprimanded by NFL Network.  In fact they specifically told him he is and analyst and not a reporter.

Now PFT is reporting that Sapp has declared bankruptcy and that he has accumulated $6.7 million of debt.  The report states that he owes the IRS $900,000 and hundreds of thousands in child support.

Income may be hard to come by for Sapp since his contract with NFL Network is set to expire soon and they may not bring him back because of his “shoot from the hip” style he has.  Sapp is also on the Showtime Network for “Inside the NFL” as an analyst.

The last big legal trouble Sapp had was when he was arrested for domestic battery of his girlfriend on February 6, 2009 just one day before the New Orleans Saints played in Super Bowl XLIV.