Did Sean Pamphilon have other motives; cross the line with leaked Williams audio?

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Pamphilon said this about releasing the audio:

"Some will call me releasing this audio for fame or money grab.  True haters will call it exploitation. People of character and conscience call it was (what) it is; tru. ..and so it goes in The United States of Football."

How convenient he plugged the title of his own film since he’s not doing this for “fame or money grab”.  Pamphilon also claims he received no money for the release of the audio.

Pamphilon stated he had to learn how to shoot his camera while crying  and that he will probably have to find another producer to finish the film.  After this, I don’t think he’ll have a problem.

Did Pamphilon cross the line of trust and integrity with Gleason and the Saints while filming?  Did he abuse the access he was given in obtaining the film and audio he received?  In my opinion, yes.

I think Pamphilon was on a personal crusade with something he held dear and somewhere along the line it became a little too real for him.