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Did Sean Pamphilon have other motives; cross the line with leaked Williams audio?

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He has pulled no punches in his evaluation of Williams calling him arrogant and “definitely does not have those balls” to do what he’s asking his players to do.

Pamphilon says that he loves the game of football and my guess is that his fantasy perfect view of football was smudged by the reality of what happens or more importantly what could happen to his own son.

So the next question is if his son had decided to play soccer instead what would Pamphilon done with the audio?  Did he make it a personal vendetta because of his disdain for Williams?

The reason I bring that up is because Pamphilon makes sure to somewhat absolve head coach Sean Payton and general manager Mickey Loomis saying that “they were nowhere to be seen.”

It’s difficult to follow Pamphilon’s Jerry Maguire-ish “mission statement” because he goes from blasting what football has turned into to saying “pay for performance bonuses” are a “LONG-held league wide practice” like it’s no biggie.