Did Sean Pamphilon have other motives; cross the line with leaked Williams audio?

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Pamphlion made the statement that:

"If this story hadn’t broken and been made public, I would not have shared this.  I would not have compromised my personal relationships and risked damaging Steve Gleason’s relationship with the Saints.  I would have crafted these words and sentiments for another forum, perhaps years down the road."

I guess my question is why did it take Pamphilon almost three months for his moral compass to finally point him in the right direction?  Why not do this on the morning of January 14th instead of the morning of April 5th?

Pamphilon explains the reasons for doing this on his website www.theusof.com.  Yet after reading the “explanation”, it merely seems like a rambling 6,000 word trailer for his film and I still don’t see why.

He claims that he did it for the reason “that parents of children playing football MUST pay attention to the influence of men who will sacrifice their kids for W’s”.

Which leads me to the next motive for Pamphilon which is personal.  The film started because his son was preparing to play tackle football and he wondered about the health and safety of the game.