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Did Sean Pamphilon have other motives; cross the line with leaked Williams audio?

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If you’re wondering how he was able to obtain the audio, Pamphilon was shadowing Gleason for the entire season therefore giving Pamphilon unrestricted access to everything that Gleason did such as team meetings, games, etc.

In fact Pamphilon along with his 13 year-old son were on the field when Gleason led the “Who Dat” chant on September 25, 2011 which was the five -year anniversary of when Gleason blocked the famous punt.  Both wore #37 jerseys as they filmed.

Pamphilon spent intimate moments with Gleason and his family and was supposed to be securing video and audio footage to given to Gleason’s son upon his passing.

During filming, Pamphilon stated he was treated like a member of the team and had everyone’s trust.  And in the end, that is what he broke and in my opinion, crossed the line.

I’m not downplaying what Pamphilon captured on some of the audio because frankly, I was disturbed.  But Pamphilon isn’t fooling me on his motives for releasing it.