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Bill Parcells to Vikings not likely given relationship with Saints Sean Payton


When the “Big Tuna” was named as a potential candidate to replace Sean Payton as head coach, just long enough for Payton to serve his suspension, the potential move drew harsh criticism.

Would Parcells want to come out of retirement. Is it fair the Saints can hire a new head coach to replace Payton?

What wasn’t expected is that other NFL teams, not just the Saints, are interested in bringing Parcells in as head coach.

Most notably he Minnesota Vikings — who essentially gave Bill Parcells a blank check — for him to name his own price as a replacement to Leslie Frazier.

What does that say about Minnesota’s commitment to Frazier? It’s clear now that they don’t have confidence in him to lead the Vikings in 2012 and beyond.

However the Vikings have about as much a chance to land Parcells as Tim Tebow does at securing a passer rating of 100 or better.

The only reason Parcells is even considering coming out of retirement to coach the Saints is because of his relationship with Sean Payton.

Of course Parcells and Payton are very close — a mentor, mentored relationship — stemming from their days together with the Dallas Cowboys.

For that reason alone Parcells wouldn’t dream of leaving Payton behind for any NFL team, much less the struggling Minnesota Vikings.

A report on NFL.com per Jason La Canfora confirms that Parcells has no desire in joining the Vikings.

"But Parcells won’t be joining Wilf and the Vikings, as a source close to the former coach told NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora on Wednesday that there’s no truth to a New York Post report that Parcells is talking with the Vikings. Parcells remains in talks with the New Orleans Saints about their potential interim head-coaching gig but is not having conversations with the Vikings, the source told La Canfora."

So Parcells remains the favorite to take command of the Saints, for now.