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Nike planning big changes to NFL uniforms for 2012 season? (Pictures)


Nike will be taking over for Reebok as the NFL’s exclusive uniform provider prior to the start of the 2012 season, and not unlike what they did at the college level when drastically changing uniforms, rumor has it that same change may be making it’s way to the NFL.

In November of last year renditions of new Nike NFL uniforms were leaked to the Internet, and the images caused quite a controversy — where they real or fake — no one seemed to know the truth.

In the Saints case a representative from the organization, who was contacted directly, said the images floating around the Internet were not the uniforms that will be designed by Nike and will not be used by the team.

Whether or not that was the truth is yet to be determined.

During the 2012 Pro Bowl Nike did showcase their new “Vapor Jet Glove'” that all NFL teams will wear this season. Again, just like at the college level, the gloves portray team logo’s in a such way the when a player puts their hands together in a certain formation it will form the entire logo.

Then a few days later the NFL’s new Nike cleats were revealed, the “Vapor Talon Elite”.

In the NFL even though a team could design a new uniform on their own with Nike, the league would still have final say and approval on the change before it would take effect. Several teams are interested in updating their look, but logically there is probably a ways to go before uniforms see a significant change.