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New Orleans Saints Jonathan Vilma has words for Sports Illustrated writer Peter King

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Vilma has already been marked for a possible restructuring of his current contract along with the forthcoming punishment from Goodell.

The scary thing that he faces is that Goodell is clearly trying to set a benchmark for punishments in the “Bounty Scandal”.  It doesn’t help that Vilma is accused of putting a $10, 000 bounty on quarterback Brett Farve.

Vilma could face a huge suspension since he named in the investigation and was a leader on the team.  Goodell has made sure to mention that the leaders among the staff and players will be hit the hardest.

While King probably felt like he was doing his job or just didn’t think it was that big of a deal, it goes to show Vilma isn’t taking it too lightly.

Of course, speaking of lightly, Goodell probably won’t mince words about Vilma’s choice for his Twitter avi.  The picture of him on Sports Illustrated with “Bounty Culture” above it.  Funny right?  No?  Yeeesh…tough crowd, tough crowd.