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NFLPA will have feet held to the fire on New Orleans Saints player suspension recommendations

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Goodell has seen the fallout from last year by dragging things out and the negative publicity that fell his way.  He doesn’t want a repeat of the same fiasco for obvious reasons.

It will probably be the tactics of the NFLPA to draw out the process in order to create even more disdain by Saints fans and to cast a negative light on Goodell.

Don’t look for that to happen though, but not for the simple reason that Goodell is on what some call a power trip.  In reality, it’s time to get things moving forward for everyone.

The Saints need to know who they will or won’t have for the upcoming season.  And in kind, other teams that have signed Saints free agent players, like cornerback Tracy Porter, need to know the same.

Saints fans will also need time to swallow and digest the punishments handed down.  So look for Goodell to turn up the fire on the stove and finish cooking this gumbo gone bad.