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NFLPA will have feet held to the fire on New Orleans Saints player suspension recommendations

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Recently I posted an article on the potential slow process that could begin with the NFLPA and NFL over player suspensions that could be a sequel to last years NFL lockout(click here).  If it’s up to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, it won’t be.

Reports are that the NFLPA will be meeting with Goodell today concerning the punishments for the up to 27 New Orleans Saints players that were allegedly involved in what is being called by the NFL, a “Bounty” program.

The NFLPA has actually hired outside legal counsel for the players because of the precaution that criminal charges could be filed in the investigation.  While in my opinion this is a long-shot from happening, but it’s still a bit shocking.

Also, the NFLPA has stated that they haven’t seen any hard evidence concerning player involvement and want to see a detailed report from NFL investigators and not just a summarized version.

Goodell has expressed that he has no problem sharing this information with them and in fact said he offered to do so as far back as March 2.

For that reason, Goodell has said that he would like a recommendation by the NFLPA on punishment for players sooner rather than later.  As a matter of fact, Goodell would like it by this afternoon.