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NFL and NFLPA are at it again; 2011 NFL Lockout sequel

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Goodell was wanting to issue out the punishments by the end of this week if not Monday.  Yet the NFLPA, or more directly DeMaurice Smith, issued a statement saying that the NFL doesn’t want to share their evidence collected in the investigation.

Once again, Goodell is assuming the role of bad guy by Smith and being portrayed as the Iron Fist Dictator of the NFL who simply waves his hand with fire and brimstone raining down.

Yet reports are coming out that the NFL actually had given the NFLPA access to all the evidence it collected back on March 2.  Confused yet?  Angry still?  Patience waining?  The answer should be “All Of The Above.”

What fans are witnessing is a lawyer tactic employed by criminal and civil attorneys.  Delay the proceedings so memories fade for witnesses and one side “blinks” or in other words, grows tired and decides to settle just to end it.

In the NFLPA side of it, they are simply trying to put public pressure on Goodell and the NFL much like they did last year and make them the Big Bad Wolf.