NFL and NFLPA are at it again; 2011 NFL Lockout sequel

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The proverbial “peeing contest” that both displayed last year seems to be in play again for a sequel to last summer that should be named, “Lockout 2:  The Bounty.”

By now everyone knows about the Bounty Scandal surrounding the New Orleans Saints and suspensions handed down to head coach Sean Payton, general manager Mickey Loomis, and asst. coach/linebackers coach Joe Vitt.

The club itself was fined $500,000 and voided two second round draft picks, one this year and then the next year.  What we don’t know yet is what will happen to the close to 27 players also allegedly involved in the scandal.

The NFLPA wanted to conduct its’ own investigation into the matter before anything was handed down but was denied.  Goodell handed down the aforementioned suspensions but said he wished to consult with the NFLPA about player punishment.

Up to 27 players, including linebacker Jonathan Vilma, have been on the chopping block waiting for over a month for the axe to fall.  This is leaving Saints fans wondering, “What is taking the process so long?”